Take Emozi Back to School with You

Utilize the Emozi® Middle School SEL lessons to help students be successful as they “Get Ready! Get Set! Go!” back to the classroom. You’ll be happy to know that there […]

Creating Effective Study Habits

We all know how to be good students but sometimes we fall behind when the second semester burnout hits. Finish your semester strong with these eight great study habit building […]

How to budget 101 for Teens and Tweens

Budgeting is an extremely important skill for any young adult to know and aligns with the CASEL competencies of self-management, self-awareness, and responsible decision-making. We’re also integrating it into Emozi® […]

THINK Method Video Lesson

This video lesson from Everyday Speech models how to use the THINK method to help us make decisions about what we should or should not say to others. We determine […]

Inner Strength Vibe

Designed for teens, Vibe has mindful movements to get the blood flowing and build body awareness, journal prompts for personal processing of thoughts and feelings, 100+ guided mindfulness practices, Videos […]