Ally Talcott & Rachel Easter

Meet our Co-Executive Directors!

We are delighted to welcome our new co-executive directors, Ally Talcott and Rachel Easter to the team!

Ally Talcott and Rachel Easter are founding partners of Allied for Progress, a government relations and consulting firm that supports mission-driven organizations to achieve their goals. Together they have extensive experience navigating political and coalition spaces across movements and bring a wealth of association management skills including, budgeting, organizing and leading meetings at the board and member levels, and supporting committee work. They share a commitment to social justice, a steadfast belief in the dignity of all human beings, and a love of meeting and befriending new people. Before founding Allied for Progress, Ally and Rachel each spent nearly a decade working in advocacy spaces in DC.

Ally is an expert in coalition building and management, federal education policy, direct lobbying, and bringing diverse groups together to advance shared policy goals. All of Ally’s work on behalf of her clients is centered around a mission to close the equity gaps across all sectors of the education system, which disproportionately impact underserved students and families, especially those of color, in low-income communities. Ally resides in Falls Church, Virginia with her husband Andy, son Oliver, 2 dogs Gus & Ruby, and 2 cats Bean & Bosley. She loves cooking (especially for others), dancing, and binging psychological thrillers and food competition shows.

Rachel is an expert in using policy analysis and movement building to advance social justice issues. She believes in the importance of centering communities and coalescing organizations to advance social change. Rachel has worked on several diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, including facilitating anti-racist working groups for white-identifying people. She engages in sincere relationship-building and trust building in order to advance organizational goals. Rachel lives in DC with her toddler, husband, 2 cats, and a dog. She loves escaping to the mountains, baking, and “nerdy” tv shows (talk to her about X-files and Doctor Who)!

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