Bringing Socrates into the 21s Century with SEL

The Socratic Seminar is an integral part of the exciting Emozi® Middle School program—a culturally-relevant social emotional learning curriculum for young adults. Emozi® Middle School integrates ELA material into SEL […]

Take Emozi Back to School with You

Utilize the Emozi® Middle School SEL lessons to help students be successful as they “Get Ready! Get Set! Go!” back to the classroom. You’ll be happy to know that there […]

How to Support High School Students with ADHD

How do you accommodate students with ADHD in the classroom? Here are some strategies that educators can use to support high school students—and some tips to share with students to […]

My Support Circles Worksheet

This printable activity, from the Everyday Speech lesson “Sources of Support”, allows students to think about resources available to them in different circles of their life from their community, school, […]

THINK Method Video Lesson

This video lesson from Everyday Speech models how to use the THINK method to help us make decisions about what we should or should not say to others. We determine […]

Growing from Our Challenges Video Lesson

This video lesson from Everyday Speech teaches students how to use a Growth Mindset to reframe challenging moments. When we believe we can achieve more, we’re more likely to do […]