Announcing newly elected 2022 board members

Thanks so much to all of our member organization lead contacts who voted in our 2022 board elections! It was a tight race, and we appreciate the fifteen members who submitted their candidacies to volunteer their time and talents to our board.

Please join me in congratulating our newly elected board members:

  • Brandon Frame, Director of Social Emotional Learning, The Urban Assembly
  • Jazmine Franklin, Chief of Programs, Fly Five, Center for Responsive Schools
  • Lupita Knittel, President, 7 Mindsets
  • David Levine, Director, Teaching Empathy Institute
  • Nick Yoder, Sr. Director of Research and Professional Learning, Harmony SEL

We would also like to honor our 2022 officers and continuing board members:

  • President: Koua Franz, Chief of Staff, Committee for Children
  • Vice President: Mira-Lisa Katz, Associate Director, WestEd, Strategic Literacy Initiative
  • Treasurer: Jessica Adamson, CEO, Aperture Education
  • Nicole (Nikki) Elbertson, Director of Content and Communications at Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.
  • Clark McKown, President, xSEL Labs
  • Melissa Schlinger, Vice President of Programs and Practice, CASEL

Many thanks to our retiring board members and former steering committee members:

  • Kamilah Drummond-Forrester, Founder and Principal Consultant, KDRUMM Consulting
  • Jerome Freiberg, John and Rebecca Moores Professor, College of Education, University of Houston
  • Lora Hodges, Executive Director, Center for Responsive Schools
  • Cassie Sparkman, former Chief of Staff, CASEL

We appreciate your contributions, support, and leadership over the past two years. You were instrumental to the association’s launch in 2020 and our transition to an independent membership organization this year. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Rounding out our 2022 board, we have three ex-officio (non-voting) members:

  • Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: John Fay, Founder, Resilience, Inc.
  • Events Committee Co-Chair: Allison Henry, Head of Schools, Moshi
  • Association Director: Nova Biro, Director, SEL Providers Association

We are also grateful to our additional committee co-chairs, past and present:

  • Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Jordan Posamentier, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Committee for Children
  • Events Committee Co-Chair: Margot Toppen, VP of Programs, CATCH Global Foundation
  • Former Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Kamilah Drummond-Forrester, Founder and Principal Consultant, KDRUMM Consulting
  • Former Advocacy Committee Co-Chair: Clark McKown, President, xSEL Labs
  • Former Events Committee Co-Chair: Jessica Adamson, CEO, Aperture Education
  • Former Events Committee Co-Chair: Tamara Fyke, Founder, Love in Big World

We look forward to engaging further with all of you as our board meets and develops plans for this year and beyond!

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