Meet the SEL Providers Council 2021 Steering Committee

Jessica Adamson

CEO, Aperture Education

Kamilah Drummond-Forrester

Director, Open Circle

Nikki Elberston

Director of Content and Communications, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Koua Franz

Chief of Staff, Committee for Children

H. Jerome Freiberg

John and Rebecca Moores Professor, College of Education, University of Houston

Mira-Lisa Katz

Associate Director - Literary Services, Reading Apprenticeship at WestEd

Margot Toppen

VP of Programs, CATCH Global Foundation

Clark McKown

President, xSEL Labs

Advocacy Committee

Victoria Bradford, Chief of Staff, Move This World
Ruth Cross, Senior SEL Consultant, CASEL
Kamilah Drummond-Forrester, Director, Open Circle
Nicole Elbertson, Director of Content and Communications, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
John Fay (CO-CHAIR), Executive Director, Resilience, Inc
Stephanie Fox, Director of Education and Partnerships, The Spark Initiative
Reid Gough, Chief Operating Officer, Purpose Prep
Jan Helson, Board Chair, Global Game Changers Children’s Education Initiative
Matthew Kiefer, Manager of Lions Quest Programs, Lions Clubs International Foundation
Lupita Knittel, President, 7 Mindsets
Kathy Krupa, VP of Partnerships, Move This World
David Levine, Director, Teaching Empathy Institute
Clark McKown, Assessment Specialist or Developer, xSEL Labs
Pam McNall, Founder and CEO, Respectful Ways Social Emotional Learning Program
Christine Naidu, Education Success Manager, Peekapak
Jordan Posamentier (CO-CHAIR), Director of Policy & Advocacy, Committee for Children
Jennifer Robitaille, Senior Research Associate, Aperture Education, LLC
Ami Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Peekapak
Taylor Sieler, Curriculum Development Specialist, Purpose Prep
Nick Yoder, Director of Research, Policy and Practice, Sanford Programs

Events Committee

Jessica Adamson, CEO, Aperture Education
Jessica Altounian, Marketing Manager, Move This World
Laura Bakosh, Inner Explorer
Ross Brodie, CEO, Emotional ABCs
Erin Bruno, Director, Rutgers Social Decision Making Program
Michael Fauteux, Co-Founder & Executive Director, GiveThx
Tamara Fyke (CO-CHAIR), Founder, Love In A Big World
Allison Henry, Head of Schools, Moshi
Mira-Lisa Katz, Associate Director, Strategic Literacy Initiative, WestEd
Erin McClintock, Head of Impact for SEL, EVERFI
Ann McKay Bryson, Manager of SEL Professional Learning, CASEL
Christine Naidu, Education Success Manager, Peekapak
Karen Poplawski, Program Developer, Center for Responsive Schools
Ami Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Peekapak
Monica Tinyo, VP of Growth and Operations, Children’s Arts Guild
Margot Toppen (CO-CHAIR), VP of Programs, CATCH Global Foundation
Christina Whalen, Director of Research, RethinkEd
Nick Woolf, Content Strategists, Panorama Education
Marc Zimmerman, CEO, The Social Express