Advocacy Training Workshop

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to join us for our Effective Communication to Navigate the Politics of SEL webinar last week! Now it’s time to put these messaging techniques into action! Join us for an advocacy workshop where we will practice what to say and how to say it to spark change […]

SEL Market Insights with Tyton Partners

Please join us for a webinar and Q&A with Tyton Partners, authors of a recent publication which examines the market for social emotional learning (SEL) from the provider and educator perspectives and crystallizes insights and calls to action for providers, funders, educators and policymakers. The company recently surveyed almost 2,000 school and district leaders, more […]

Effective Communication to Navigate the Politics of SEL

On October 7, 2021, Christopher Rufo, the person who rebranded and exploded “critical race theory,” tweeted: “CRT is the ideology; DEI is how it gains power; SEL is how it reaches your kids.” How, as a field, should we anticipate and respond to messages like this? Over the last five years, there have been several […]

Successes and Challenges of SEL EdTech Solutions

In this final event of our three-part EdTech series, join us for an interactive session with six fellow providers offering SEL EdTech solutions. We will explore the successes and challenges of technology-enabled SEL approaches, including digital curricula, app- and web-based student lessons and engagement tools, and multimedia programs delivered via educator portals. Learn about innovative […]

SEL, EdTech & Equity: Expanding the Definition of Student Success

Last month, we heard from Dr. Farber on the topic of Gaming SEL and saw many innovative examples of how technology can be an effective tool for Social Emotional Learning. This month, we’re putting an equity lens on the subject of SEL & Tech and considering how both of these can play a role in […]

Gaming SEL: How Digital Games Connect Us

Games enable children to practice emotions in spaces that are free from actualized consequences. With thoughtful guidance, games can help children manage emotions, perspective-take, demonstrate empathic concern, and exhibit prosocial behaviors. Join Matthew Farber, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Technology, Innovation, and Pedagogy at the University of Northern Colorado where he founded the Gaming SEL Lab, […]

De-mystifying SEL Product Efficacy Research

Curious about the differences between evidence-based and evidence-informed? How to determine if your product has demonstrated efficacy? Or about what type of research is needed to effectively market SEL products? For this training, we’ll be joined by Dr. Lisa Sontag-Padilla, behavioral social scientist at RAND, and Malvika Bhagwat, Partner and Head of Outcomes at Owl […]

Take the Work Out of Networking

Networking is a vital part of any organization’s efforts, yet so many professionals find networking difficult and uncomfortable. It feels like work. But what if we knew exactly how we were going to approach networking events, including what we would say and how we would follow up after? Is there a way to take the […]

SEL Funding and Funding Advocacy Opportunities: A Conversation

We know that SEL federal funding opportunities abound like never before. But what are they exactly and how do we make sense of them specifically for SEL? We also know that SEL competes for available funding alongside a great many other priorities. What are the funding advocacy opportunities that will help maximize allocations to SEL? […]

The Role of Adult SEL in Dismantling Systemic Racism

District and school teams often don’t know where to start when it comes to educational equity work or fostering anti-racist teaching practices. Yet, without deliberately carving out time for reflection, critically analyzing existing curriculum through an equity lens, and prioritizing professional learning on this topic, it will be challenging for schools to build a more […]

Opportunities and Barriers to Engaging Schools in Adult SEL

We all know that cultivating social and emotional competence among educators, staff and administrators is critical to successful SEL implementation. Yet schools are still far more likely to invest time and resources in student SEL programming without addressing this critical need for Adult SEL. Join us for an interactive discussion featuring Dr. Mark Greenberg, Emeritus […]

Council Networking Event—Partnerships and Research

Join your fellow Council members for a networking event focused on partnerships and research. We seek to spark conversation and connections around our virtual tables with topics like “Joint Marketing & Cross-Promotion”, “Content Collaboration”, “Research: Getting Started”, and “Research: Next Level”. You’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to the direction of the Council at the […]