SEL to Support Mental Health & Behavior Challenges

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SEL, Mental Health, and Behavior Challenges are the most talked about topics in education right now as schools are experiencing sky-rocketing behavior incidents and mental health challenges. During this session, we will explore how SEL serves as a proactive approach to supporting the mental health needs of students and reducing challenging behaviors in the classroom. […]


Culturally Responsive Professional Learning: What is it.. and what isn’t it?

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During this harried political time, lines between SEL, DEI, and CRT have become blurry. As providers, educators, and school stakeholders, we may be wondering what to talk about, how to talk about it, and how it fits within the frame of high-quality professional learning in SEL.  Instead of looking for change somewhere inside an exhausting […]


Research Spotlight: The State of Evidence for Universal School-Based SEL

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Please join us for a presentation and discussion of findings from an updated meta-analysis on the evidence available for universal school-based (USB) SEL programs from 2008 through 2020. This study builds on the pivotal meta-analysis by Durlak and colleagues published in 2011, which examined the state of the evidence for USB SEL interventions available through […]


The Parent Perception of SEL

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Committee for Children commissioned a new analysis of parent perceptions regarding social-emotional learning. On this webinar, you’ll learn key takeaways from the analysis directly and immediately applicable to your work. What messages resonate? What fall flat or elicit resistance? Come with questions, comments, and concerns. Our panelists include: Jordan Posamentier, Director of Policy and Advocacy […]


Future of SEL: Results of a CASEL-Rand Implementation Survey

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Our presentation by CASEL's Director of Evaluation Research Dr. Erin Bogan and Research Associate Dr. Alaina E. Boyle will include a discussion of findings from the NIS to help providers understand trends in SEL implementation practices and strategies. There is a large body of research that suggests that evidence-based SEL interventions and effective SEL approaches […]


United States of SEL

Though SEL standards, programming, funding, and leadership vary from state to state, there are some common themes that unify SEL in the United States. One of the greatest challenges SEL providers face is how to personalize their messaging to reach educators in different states while also maintaining consistency across the US. Join us for a […]

Focus on Educators: Supporting Teacher Wellness

As schools and districts prioritize the social, emotional, and mental wellbeing of their community, their focus has expanded to include educators. How can SEL providers support the mental wellness of educators, and what is our role in helping districts prioritize the mental health of educators? In this webinar, we’ll speak with district and school leaders […]

Advocacy Training Workshop

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to join us for our Effective Communication to Navigate the Politics of SEL webinar last week! Now it’s time to put these messaging techniques into action! Join us for an advocacy workshop where we will practice what to say and how to say it to spark change […]

SEL Market Insights with Tyton Partners

Please join us for a webinar and Q&A with Tyton Partners, authors of a recent publication which examines the market for social emotional learning (SEL) from the provider and educator perspectives and crystallizes insights and calls to action for providers, funders, educators and policymakers. The company recently surveyed almost 2,000 school and district leaders, more […]

Effective Communication to Navigate the Politics of SEL

On October 7, 2021, Christopher Rufo, the person who rebranded and exploded “critical race theory,” tweeted: “CRT is the ideology; DEI is how it gains power; SEL is how it reaches your kids.” How, as a field, should we anticipate and respond to messages like this? Over the last five years, there have been several […]

Successes and Challenges of SEL EdTech Solutions

In this final event of our three-part EdTech series, join us for an interactive session with six fellow providers offering SEL EdTech solutions. We will explore the successes and challenges of technology-enabled SEL approaches, including digital curricula, app- and web-based student lessons and engagement tools, and multimedia programs delivered via educator portals. Learn about innovative […]

SEL, EdTech & Equity: Expanding the Definition of Student Success

Last month, we heard from Dr. Farber on the topic of Gaming SEL and saw many innovative examples of how technology can be an effective tool for Social Emotional Learning. This month, we’re putting an equity lens on the subject of SEL & Tech and considering how both of these can play a role in […]