Our Committees

Advocacy Committee

Plan and deliver online and in-person learning events for association members.

  • Tonia Bonner, Chief Administrative Officer, Center for Responsive Schools
  • Victoria Bradford, Chief of Staff, Move This World
  • Ruth Cross, Senior SEL Consultant, CASEL
  • Christina Donald, SVP Advocacy, Wyman
  • Kamilah Drummond-Forrester, Director, Open Circle
  • Nicole Elbertson, Director of Content and Communications, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
  • John Fay (CO-CHAIR), Executive Director, Resilience, Inc
  • Stephanie Fox, Director of Education and Partnerships, The Spark Initiative
  • Marion Goldstein, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Vivensity
  • Alanna Hammesfahr, Operations Director, Children’s Arts Guild
  • Jan Helson, Board Chair, Global Game Changers Children’s Education Initiative
  • Evelyn Johnson, VP of Research & Development, Aperture Education
  • Matthew Kiefer, Manager of Lions Quest Programs, Lions Clubs International Foundation
  • Jeffrey Klein, Director of School Experience, Satchel Pulse
  • Kathy Krupa, VP of Partnerships, Move This World
  • David Levine, Director, Teaching Empathy Institute
  • Clark McKown, Assessment Specialist or Developer, xSEL Labs
  • Pam McNall, Founder and CEO, Respectful Ways Social Emotional Learning Program
  • Jordan Posamentier (CO-CHAIR), Director of Policy & Advocacy, Committee for Children
  • Ellen Sarkisian, Director, Generation Schools Network
  • Ami Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Peekapak
  • Aleasha Stevens, Project Member, 7 Mindsets
  • Joan Tetrault, Director of Education Policy & Partnership, Inner Explorer
  • Nick Yoder, Principal Policy & TA Consultant, American Institutes for Research
  • Erin Priddle, Education Success Manager, Peekapak
  • Tyralynn Frazier, Associate Research Scientist, Emory University
  • Anna-Lisa Mackey, CEO, PATHS Program LLC
  • Maureen Fernandez, Content Director, Momentous Institute

Events Committee

Plan and implement collective SEL advocacy and promotion activities for association members.

  • Jessica Adamson, CEO, Aperture Education
  • Jessica Altounian, Marketing Manager, Move This World
  • Ross Brodie, CEO, Emotional ABCs
  • Erin Bruno, Director, Rutgers Social Decision Making Program
  • Tre’ Gammage, Adult SEL Specialist, SEL Educators
  • Kaitlyn Hall, Chief of Staff, Peekapak
  • Alanna Hammesfahr, Operations Director, Children’s Arts Guild
  • Allison Henry (CO-CHAIR), Head of Schools, Moshi
  • Mira-Lisa Katz, Associate Director with Learning and Technology, WestEd
  • Peter Kelpin, Director, K-12 Marketing, EVERFI
  • Ann McKay Bryson, Manager of SEL Professional Learning, CASEL
  • Carla Philibert, Founder, Mindful Practices
  • Karen Poplawski, Program Developer, Center for Responsive Schools
  • Monica Tinyo, VP of Growth and Operations, Children’s Arts Guild
  • Margot Toppen (CO-CHAIR), VP of Programs, CATCH Global Foundation
  • Christina Whalen, Director of Research, RethinkEd